As we all know horses are prey animals and, as such, spend most of their time hyper aware and in fear, especially when they are aggressively challenged or cornered.

With this information in mind, Rose O’ Sharon Equine Farm promotes training that uses very little fear or intimidation.  Fear training results in horses becoming dangerous or shutting down (hence the term “breaking” a horse - the trainer literally breaks the horse’s spirit).

There are, however, other ways to be with horses.  Through kindness, compassion, and patience (with ground work and riding exercises) students at R.O.S.E. Farm learn how to develop a positive working relationship with their horse that is both gratifying and rewarding.  They learn how to work with the horse’s nature rather than overpowering and trying to “break” it.

The horse has been seen as a commodity, something to own and fill our needs.  Today, many people are reaching out to a different way of being with our equine partners.  It is such a joy to meet people who share an interest in the quality of their relationship with their horse.  We are very excited to be providing an opportunity for you and your horse.  We are constantly brainstorming ways to provide a positive experience for our customers and hope that you will be able to join us as we grow.